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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Dominator – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 tháng 10-2016

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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Dominator – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 tháng 10-2016

    All heroes mentioned in the following guide are best suited for their respective quests. Feel free to use the hero of your choice. Good luck!

    Hướng dẫn làm các Quest mới nhất của DotA 2 mới ra mắt đầu tháng 10 năm 2016. Chủ yếu nói về cách làm và tướng hero nên chọn để xong nhiệm vụ một cách nhanh và dễ dàng nhất. Ai có thắc mắc phần nào thì comment bên dưới để mình nói rõ hơn về Quest đó nhé!

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    Within a single victory: Deal  7500/ 1500/ 22500 or more Physical Damage to enemy heroes.

    Best Option: Ursa. The physical burst damage output from Fury Swipes is quite unparalleled coming from a single hero/unit. His skill set is focused on dealing large amount of damage on any foe. When used with Enrage and Overpower, Fury Swipes ensures a kill almost every time.

    Option 1: Phantom Assassin and Chaos Knight. For those players blessed by RNGesus, PA and CK are good heroes to finish this quest. Coup de Grace provides 450% critical damage, and Chaos Strike 275% critical damage at max level. Chaos strike works on his illusions too, giving CK the ability to shred any foe during mid to late game.

    Option 2: Drow Ranger. The agility gain from Marksmanship provides Drow with a high boost in physical damage, enough to clear the quest easily.

    Honorable Mentions: Templar Assassin, Sven, Legion Commander, Phantom Lancer, Juggernaut, and Terrorblade.


    Within a single victory: Kill a single enemy hero 2/ 3/ 4 times.

    Best Option: Clinkz. The damage boost from Death Pact enables Clinkz to get an easy pick-off on an unsuspecting support. Use Searing Arrows + Strafe for best results. Desolator/Orchid Malevolence are recommended situational items.

    Option 1: Tiny.  Avalanche + Toss combo is one of the swiftest methods to nuke down an opponent. Use a Blink Dagger/ Shadow Blade for better positioning to kill off the target.

    Option 2: Necrophos. What’s better than killing your target? Adding 30 seconds to their respawn timer at max level. Dagon + Aghanim’s Scepter might just be an overkill for this quest.

    Note: Locate the weakest hero on the enemy team and focus on killing them first. Ask your teammates to let you secure the kill for easy completion of the task.


    Within a single victory: Kill 10/ 15/ 20 creeps in 30 seconds or less.

    Best Option: Axe. This selection is purely based on the fact Axe doesn’t require an item to complete the quest. Just spin and do Axe things.

    Option 1: Sven. He’s able to clear up a big stack of creeps with a couple of levels in Cleave and a Helm of Dominator. Similarly, the target is easy to accomplish with Anti-Mage once he completes the Battlefury. Also, Heroes which traditionally build Radiance – Alchemist, Spectre, and Naga Siren are quite efficient at killing several creeps in quick succession.

    Option 2: Amongst ranged heroes – Shadow Fiend, Gyrocopter, Luna, Morphling, Mirana, Nature’s Prophet, Keeper of the Light, Tinker and Zeus are well equipped to complete the target with ease.


    Across multiple victories: Claim aegis on your hero 3/ 6/ 9 times.

    Best Option: Ursa. Historically, the best hero to claim aegis early game. Ursa has the ability to solo fight and slay the mighty Roshan with minimal items.

    Option 1: Templar Assassin. Once Desolator is completed on Lanaya, she can kill Roshan just by herself using Refraction and Meld effectively.

    Option 2: Troll Warlord. Equipped with a Helm of Dominator, Jah’rakal stands toe-to-toe against Roshan. Battle Trance and Fervor contribute the most towards a successful Rosh attempt.


    Across multiple victories: Deal 1000/ 3000/ 5000 damage to enemy buildings while your team’s buildings are under attack by enemy Heroes.

    Best Option: Nature’s Prophet. Furion’s ability to Teleport helps him be anywhere on the map, and use treants spawned from Nature’s Call to bring down towers. A Necronomicon is always good for the cause.

    Option 1: Broodmother. She’s able to chew through towers using a desolator, along with the help of her spiderlings. Just watch out for an enemy Earthshaker though.

    Option 2: Morphling, he can easily do massive tower damage with increased agility gain, and use Replicate to rejoin his team instantly for a defensive maneuver.

    Honorable Mentions: Chaos Knight + Wisp, Tiny + Wisp, Phantom Lancer + Wisp, Lone Druid and  Beastmaster (w/Necronomicon).


    Within a single victory: Get 2/ 4/ 6 Kill or Assists on Heroes after stunning them with Abyssal Blade.

    Best Option: Anti-Mage. Abyssal Blade can be categorised as one of the core items along side Battlefury and Manta Style, to be used with AM. It becomes fairly easy to lock down any foe, use illusions to burn off their mana, and execute them with Mana Void.

    Option 1: Ursa. Usually, its easy to kite an Ursa, but not when he has confirmed lock down against you. 2 seconds of overwhelm stun duration is all Ursa needs to rip through any hero. What’s worse than facing an Ursa with Abyssal Blade?  Nothing.

    Option 2: Slark. As a slippery hero, he’s earned a bad reputation in pubs. Why not build an Abyssal Blade, and pounce on the opportunity to sign off your foe’s life with a dark pact.


    Within a single victory: Get 20/ 30/ 40 Last hits before the game timer reaches 10:00.

    Best Option: Shadow Fiend. The first couple of minutes might be difficult for getting last hits, but once you get few creep kills with SF. It won’t be long before you reach the target of 40 just under 10:00 minute mark.

    Option 1: Zeus. If you find it difficult to last hit with normal attacks, spam Arc Lightning to secure 3-4 creep kills per wave.

    Option 2: Mirana. Starstorm is one of the most efficient creep clearing skills. With an early bottle, you’re able to constantly secure creep kills. If laning goes smoothly, throw a random arrow towards the closest neutral camp for an additional creep kill.


    Within a single victory: Kill 15/ 30/ 45 Ancient creeps.

    Best Option: Templar Assassin. Lanaya doesn’t require any damage items to clear off an ancient creep stack. Prefer levels in Refraction over Meld, and use Psi Blades to damage multiple ancient creeps simultaneously. Level 7-8 is the earliest when she can swiftly clear a triple or quad stack.

    Option 1: Sven. The max Cleave build is highly effective in clearing ancient stacks. All you’d need is a Helm of Dominator / Mask of Madness, along with God’s Strength activated while hitting creeps.

    Option 2: Tidehunter. Around the 10 minute mark, Tidehunter would have 3 levels in Kraken shell in a 0-3-2 build. Due to his passive, its easy for the hero to clear up a stacked ancient camp.

    Honorable Mention: Nature’s Prophet. ‘Cliff farming’ with Furion is the easiest way to kill Ancient creeps. However, it is one of the most time consuming ways to complete the task.


    Across multiple victories: 3/ 6/ 9 Killing Spree kill streak(s).

    Best Option: Storm Spirit. Storm is a menace against teams which lack lock-down. With enough mana, he has the potential to secure a Rampage in almost every team-fight. His high mobility and damage output makes him my top pick for completing the quest.

    Option 1: Timbersaw. Highly mobile ‘tanky’ hero, with nuking capability and low cool-down on skills. Need I say more? Much like Storm Spirit, Timber can kill multiple heroes with one swift combination.

    Option 2: Slark. All 4 skills play a vital role in Slark’s success for this quest. Dark Pact provides burst damage, Pounce makes him a good initiator. Moreover, Essence shifts provides him bonus damage in prolonged team-fights. Shadow Dance’s regeneration rate is second to none. Such a skill set enables Slark to slay all his foes one after the other.

    Honorable Mentions: Chaos Knight, Mirana, Sven.


    Within a single victory: Perform 1/ 2/ 3 Double Kill(s).

    Best Option: Zeus. What more to say, just go out there and slay your foes with the power of Thunder and Lightning. Bring down Wrath on any enemy heroes who think they can run away from heaven.

    Option 1: Death Prophet. The ghosts come to play when Death Prophet performs an Exorcism. Swarm the enemies, follow up with a silence and let the spirits reap life from the bodies of your foes who foolishly stand in you way. EZ multiple kills.

    Note: Any hero which fits the carry role will eventually be strong enough in the game to execute multiple double kills within team fights. Pick your best hero for this quest. Knowing the limit of your hero is the decisive factor in making a play look good and suicidal.


    Within a single victory: Kill 2/4/ 6 enemy Heroes before the game time reaches 15:00.

    Best Option: Zeus. When played as a mid-laner, Zeus is expected to reach level 11 just before timer reaches 15:00. With 2 points in Thundergod’s Wrath, his damage output increases. Lack of a Black King Bar on the enemy heroes during this stage makes Zeus a safe option for completing the quest.

    Option 1: Templar Assassin. Lanaya is one of the strongest heroes around level 7-8. Her skill-set is designed to kill enemies swiftly, even during early stages of the game.

    Option 2: Axe. Be aggressive with this hero to have a dominating laning phase. Creep kills will come with ease, and there’s a possibility of Culling few heroes after Berserker’s Call and Counter-Helix. Around the 15:00 minute mark, you’d traditionally see Axe with 3-4 hero kills to his name.

    Honorable Mentions: Tiny, Necrophos, Phantom Assassin.


    Across multiple victories: Destroy 1/ 3/ 5 enemy Tower(s) with your team before the game timer reaches 12 minutes.

    Best Option: Luna is built pushing lanes and taking down towers. High base damage, a passive skill which increases the number of Glaive bounces make her a good pick in this list. However, the best asset of having a Luna on your team is the bonus damage received from Lunar Blessing when you intend to mow down towers.

    Option 1: Drow Ranger. The hero works quite similar to Luna. With high base damage, allies benefiting from her aura, and decent range, make Drow a stable pick for pushing towers.

    Option 2: Death Prophet. Exorcism’s damage type is physical, which proves beneficial in tearing down enemy towers. Strategic team movements and good coordination are the key to a successful completion of the task.

    Honorable Mentions: Beastmaster, Nature’s Prophet, Dragon Knight, Broodmother, Pugna, Chen.

    Note: The key element of this quest is to work with your allies. Hence, primary focus is given to aura based heroes.


    Within a single victory: Silence enemy Heroes for 15/ 30/ 45 seconds with Orchid Malevolence or Bloodthorn.

    Best Options: Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Windranger.

    Note: Orchid Malevolence increases a hero’s solo pick-off potential. Skill-sets of the above mentioned heroes focus on getting solo kills. Hence, Orchid/Bloodthorn is considered as one of their core items.


    Across multiple victories: Earn 3000/ 6000/ 9000 Gold for your team.

    Best Option: Bounty Hunter. Bonus gold received from Track kills helps boost your team’s economy. Five enemies, Five bounties. Let the chase begin!

    Note: This quest counts the gold earned from team objectives, such as Towers destroyed, Courier kills, Track Gold (Bounty Hunter).


    Within a single victory: Deal 2000/ 4000/ 6000 damage to enemy Towers, and steal 800/ 1600/ 2400 damage from enemies using Static Link.

    Best Option: Build Aghanim’s Scepter on Razor for his ultimate to damage towers. Aether Lens will increase the break range of Static Link. Hurricane Pike is also a good item for completion of the quest. Other traditional items for Razor to increase movement speed would be Drums of Endurance, Sange and Yasha.

    We hope this article will help you clear the quest with ease. Have any other hero suggestions for a specific quest? Let us know in the comments below!
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