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    Dota 2 Winter 2017— Battle Pass: Path of the Paragon – Hướng dẫn Quest Dota 2

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    And with this, the first sick set from Valve that takes out of the window the default color scheme of a hero.

    dota 2 winter 2017 battle pass

    New Battle Pass for this Winter 2017. Valve didn’t took long enough for this and it seems these paths are very approachable, more than last time. At least for this, Path of Paragon, oriented for supports heroes.

    The prize for this is Bark of the Ageless Witness, with a sick purple style if you complete the whole Path with 40 stars.

    Unless explicitly noted, all the quests are “Within a single victory”. If there is a particular quest that can be done in multiple victories, it will say so.

    Let’s start then.

    dota 2 winter 2017 battle pass path of the paragon huong dan quest dota 2


    Place 4 / 8 / 12 Observer Wards for your team.

    It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a support hero, but this only count if you place them instead of buying them. If you want to get greedy from the get go, buy two and place them across the map at the beginning and teleport back to your lane.

    Also, remember that Observer Wards have a stock cooldown, replenishing 1 every 150 seconds, and have a 4 stock limit. The math says that, assuming you always buy all available, you can end up with 12 Observer Wards before the 25:00 minutes.


    Stun 2 or more Heroes at once 2 / 6 / 10 times.

    This does depend on the heroes rather than items. For the purpose of AoE stun, is preferred to pick heroes like Tiny, Earth Shaker, Monkey King, and Witch Doctor. These heroes are easy for stunning more than 2 heroes at once, and making a bad play is not highly punishable.

    Heroes like Earth Spirit, Treant Protector, Kunkka, Magnus, Faceless Void, Techies, Sven, Spirit Breaker and Warlock, depend more on the execution, because is more easy to make a bad play, like an empty Reverse Polarity or a Chronosphere with only your teammates inside.


    Get 6 / 10 / 15 assists.

    There is no recommendation to get an assist. The things you should know about what makes an Assist are:

    • being inside a 1300 radius of the killed enemy hero,
    • have dealt any kind of damage before the last 20 seconds of the time of death, or,
    • have applied a buff to the killer.

    Basically, stay close and even if you don’t participate doing a lot of damage, even a tiny right click will give you an assist. For that, Smoke and Teleport Scrolls are your friends.


    Spend 4 / 8 / 12 charges on friendly or enemy Heroes with Urn of Shadows.

    Urn of Shadows are the perfect companion for a lot strength-based heroes. While you can pick it being anybody, remember that Urn of Shadows only gets charges if the victim dies within a range of 1400 of you, so it’s recommended for heroes who can chase without being one-shotted to death.

    Also remember, only the most close Urn of Shadows gets charges, so bear in mind that detail if someone already has it.

    Heroes who build Urn of Shadows almost always in the early game are Pudge, Huskar, Spirit Breaker, Phoenix, Night Stalker, and Earth Spirit. Other notable mentions are Enchantress, Nyx Assassin, Invoker and Ancient Apparition.

    I build Urn of Shadows with Anti-Mage.


    Silence enemy Heroes for 40 / 80 / 120 seconds.

    This is task should be easy for Silencer, mainly because Silence is highly reliable (you cannot miss) and spammable (Level 4 gives 12 seconds of cooldown). You can add to that the usual items like Orchid Malevolence, Bloodthorn and Scythe of Vyse.

    Notable mentions for this task are Death Prophet, Drow Ranger, Skywrath Mage and Earth Spirit.


    Upgrade your boots before the game timer reaches 06:00 / 10:00 / 14:00

    Technically, upgrading your Boots of Speed (400G) depends on what you want. The most cheaper option, by far, are Tranquil Boots (+175G, +325G), and you can even rush it with your starting gold.

    The next option is Phase Boots (+420G, +420G), and then the Power Treads (+450G, +500G). But these are usually for a Carry who needs the extra speed and better early-farm capabilities, or who need the extra speed attack.

    If you are a support, you won’t have a problem beating the clock unless you do nothing in the first 5 minutes.


    Spend 500 / 1250 / 2500 gold on supports items.

    Alms of the Poor, from the Fall 2016 Path of the Dominator, again:

    Support items that qualify are Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Smoke, Dust of Appearance, Courier, Gem of True Sight and Flying Courier. I think that’s all.

    The good part is that it will count if you stack up on Sentries before the match ends, so if you are short on gold to spend, get near the Enemy Fountain (or TP back to yours), sell your items and buy what you can. You should complete this quest with no problems.

    Before finishing the game I bought 18 Sentry Wards (apart from the other items) and sold them right away, and I got three stars on this.


    Kill an enemy hero in 15 seconds after teleporting in 2 / 3 / 5 times.

    A good way to do this, is basically, having a good pair of Teleport Scrolls in your item slots. ALWAYS.

    Stay aware of the minimap, and if you see early game a fight relatively close to your towers where you can kill somebody, and hopefully win that fight, then TP. 15 seconds is a lot of time in Dota 2.

    If the match goes on, Boots of Travel can be your best friends to accomplish this.

    As Milky points out, You can even TP to the tower in the lane you are if you are sure someone is gonna die. The quest should count when the victim dies after the TP start.


    Get a kill or assist after using Eul’s Scepter of Divinity on enemy heroes 2 / 4 / 6 times.

    A kill or assist makes this more flexible than it appears. While Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a costly item now, its impact entering mid game should be good enough to be acquired on Heroes who need this to set-up combos or abilities like Death Prophet, Invoker, Lina, Puck, Jakiro, Shadow Fiend, and Skywrath Mage.

    Notable mentions, for how situational (or defensive) this item may be, are Crystal Maiden, Rubick, Lion, Techies, Zeus, Bloodseeker and Timbersaw.


    Cancel an enemy hero’s Healing Salve, Clarity or Bottle Regeneration 1 / 2 / 3 times.

    For this is recommended heroes with long-range spells available in the early game, where Healing Salve, Clarity and Bottle are bought. There is no much to say to this rather than:

    • See if any hero has Healing Salve.
    • Harass that enemy early to lower his HP.
    • Have an Observer Ward close to the tower to see if the enemy backs to safety while using a regeneration item, and try to cancel it.

    Bottle can last until mid-game, so to cancel that you should be very aware of the rune spawns where heroes usually use their last dips before bottling up a rune.


    Heal yourself and your allies Heroes for a total of 2000 / 3000 / 4000 health.

    Straight from Walk it Off:

    For healing purposes, Supports Heroes who exceed on this are the recommended: Dazzle, Omniknight, Pugna, Oracle, Warlock and Winter Wyvern.

    Good tanky heroes that can do the same but with less efficiency are Abaddon’s Borrowed Time, Alchemist’s Chemical Rage, Huskar’s Inner Vitality, Phoenix’s Sun Ray and Undying’s Soul Rip.

    I could count With Doctor, but his Voodoo Restoration heals 40 HP every second at best. So basically you need almost 3 minutes of full duration at Level 4, if your teammates know that being close to you they get healed. If you know very well how to play Witch Doctor, you may try. The same goes for IO, because it needs a lot of communication and team coordination, while Treant Protector needs a lot of patience.

    You can also count Necrophos if he goes the semi-support-semi-carry way. Basically, you go all the way to Guardian Greaves from minute 0 and help sustain the team with mass healing all the time. Not the best hero but I did it with him. Enchantress should also count with Nature’s Attendants.

    Abaddon, played aggressively, can do this in just minutes. You could even fountain-dive if you need to.


    Deal 4000 / 6000 / 8000 damage to enemy heroes with an Ultimate ability.

    For this quest, heroes who can nuke in an area (of Effect), even if their cooldown are big enough, can pull this job that requires good execution.

    For this, take into account heroes like Venomancer (Poison Nova), Lich (Chain Frost), Luna (Eclipse), Nature’s Prophet (Wrath of Nature), Outworld Devourer (Sanity’s Eclipse), Queen of Pain (Sonic Wave), Techies (Remote Mines) and Zeus (Thundergod’s Wrath).

    Notable mentions are Lion (Finger of Death), Pugna (Life Drain), Ancient Apparition (Ice Blast), Crystal Maiden (Freezing Field) and Lina (Laguna Blade), as long you can execute them well.

    As always, you should consider Aghanim’s Scepter and Refresher Orb, and Ethereal Blade to amplify the damage on one enemy hero.


    Deny 15 / 30 / 45 friendly creeps.

    I recommend to pick a support with decent last hitting for this, and always deny even if there is no enemy heroes around. To get 45 friendly creeps denied, you should focus on denying almost all the game.

    Remember, you won’t deny the entirety of a creep wave, maybe 2 at most, so 45 is a very high number if the game ends early.

    It seems that spells that affect friendly creeps don’t count for this. Beware of using Lich (Sacrifice), Enigma (Demonic Conversion), and Clinkz (Death Pact) for this.


    Debuff enemy Heroes with Movement Speed Slows for 100 / 175 / 250 seconds

    Again, Venomancer can shine here with all his spells, and along with Viper they become the most reliable. Batrider can also do this work, with Sticky Napalm.

    Second options, mainly because they’re more effective in teamfights, are Lich (Ice Armor), Ogre Magi (Ignite), and Undying (Tombstone). Third option is Bounty Hunter (Jinada).

    If it’s possible, consider buying Orb of Venom, Sange, Sange & Yasha and Shiva’s Guard (Arctic Blast).


    Heal allied heroes and buildings for a total of 1000 / 2000 / 3000 health with Living Armor, and disable enemy heroes for a total of 20 / 40 / 60 seconds.

    Two tasks you should focus on: healing and disabling. Let’s start with the first at hand. My recommendation is simple: heal every time you can early game, and have a good mana regeneration.

    For the second, disabling, it doesn’t says that you have to only using Overgrowth. The ultimate has a duration between 3~4.5 seconds, so I would complement this with Orchid Malevolence, Scythe of Vyse, Rod of Atos, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Heaven’s Halberd, depending on the enemy lineup and situation.
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