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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Saboteur – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 tháng 10-2016

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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Saboteur – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 tháng 10-2016

    All heroes mentioned in the following guide are best suited for their respective quests. Feel free to use the hero of your choice. Good luck!

    Hướng dẫn làm các Quest mới nhất của DotA 2 mới ra mắt đầu tháng 10 năm 2016. Chủ yếu nói về cách làm và tướng hero nên chọn để xong nhiệm vụ một cách nhanh và dễ dàng nhất. Ai có thắc mắc phần nào thì comment bên dưới để mình nói rõ hơn về Quest đó nhé!

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    Within a single victory: Pick or bottle 4/ 8/ 12 runes.

    Best Options: Queen of Pain and  Mirana. Both these heroes are highly mobile during the laning phase which helps in a middle lane match-up, as you won’t waste much time or lose experience.

    Another options: Roaming Supports – Bounty Hunter, Riki etc. It is easy for roaming supports to secure runes for their mid players, or take it if necessary.


    Within a single victory: Get level 6 before the game timer reaches 6:30/ 5:30/ 4:30.

    Best Option: Dragon Knight. Davion is one of the most stable mid heroes in the game. Dragon Blood helps him stay within melee range of the creeps, and its easy to clear off a wave using Breathe Fire.

    Option 1: Phantom Assassin. As absurd as this may sound, but PA is one of the better heroes to reach level 6 with.

    Option 2: Invoker. He dominates almost any 1v1 middle lane match up. His ability to do so makes him one of the favorite heroes for this quest.

    Honorable mentions: Mirana, Pudge, Viper, Templar Assassin.

    Note: All the heroes mentioned are for middle lane. Stay in your lane for as long as possible. Having a durable hero will help your cause.


    Across multiple victories: Get or assist in 1/ 2/ 3 First Blood(s).

    Best Option: Techies! Place your mines in uncommon positions to surprise unsuspecting enemies, and secure a First Blood.

    Option 1: Earth Spirit. The hero is a good support to secure an assist for First Blood. He has an easy initiation method, which helps an allied core to get First Blood.

    Option 2: Invoker. He’s a lane dominator, it helps him get an early advantage over his enemy. Along with a roaming support and Cold Snap, completing this task won’t be an issue.


    Within a single victory: Spend 4/ 8/ 12 charges on friendly or enemy Heroes with Urn of Shadows.

    Best Option: Bounty Hunter. He’s one of the best roaming supports, and is naturally meant to be a part of team fights. Successful battles will help gain Urn charges and build momentum towards Victory.

    Option 1: Spectre. Urn of Shadows is an early-mid game item from Spectre. If you have allies with nuking capabilities, using Haunt as soon as you get Level 6 will be effective to gain some urn charges.

    Option 2: Spirit Breaker. One of the best heroes to build Urn of Shadows on. His ability to gank any hero anywhere on the map, makes him a lethal opponent. Nether Strike and 17% of Greater Bash will help secure a kill on almost any foe.


    Within a single victory: Get 2/ 4/ 6 Kills on Heroes from more than 1300 range.

    Best Option: Zeus. Thundergod’s Wrath. Global Ultimate. Enough Said

    Option 1: Ancient Apparition. Another global ultimate. Ice Blast disable all types of healing on the affected target. Even the fountain can’t save the enemy from reaching their chilling grave.

    Option 2: Sniper. Once locked on, Assassinate provides Sniper the ability to shoot down any foe even if they move out of range or turn invisible.

    Honorable Mention: Invoker. Sun strike can be used to kill enemy heroes anywhere on the map. Having allies with long duration stuns/ lock down will help you secure kills from any distance.


    Within a single victory: Successfully use Heaven’s Halberd on enemy heroes 3/ 6/ 9 times.

    Best Option: Huskar. Once you decide to Life Break an opponent, Huskar’s Berserker Blood passive provides him with 50% Magic damage resistance at max level. Physical damage is the only way to kill him at that point. Heaven’s Halberd counters that aspect by disabling the enemy hero’s ability to hit back.

    Option 1: Legion Commander. Disarm from Halberd will ensure you a successful duel against strong foes such as Ursa, Phantom Assassin and Tiny.

    Option 2: Chaos Knight. What’s better than killing an enemy with all your phantasms? Well, Disarming them with Heaven’s Halberd will a bit more to their misery.

    Honorable Mention: Phantom Assassin. If the enemy team has an Monkey King Bar carrier, Heaven’s Halberd will negate that damage source and help in swiftly killing them.


    Across multiple victories: End 2/ 4/ 6 Enemy kill streak.

    Best Options: Lina and Lion. Both heroes are known for their lockdown and nuking capabilities, which makes it easiest for them to focus on an enemy and end the streak.

    Option 1: Necrophos. You don’t even need to bring down the enemy to 0 HP. Reaper’s Scythe to the enemy with just below 45% HP should be enough to kill them.


    Within a single victory: Stun 2 or more heroes at once, 2/ 4/ 6 times.

    Best Option: Earthshaker. Fissure has one of the longest ranges for a stun, it is fairly easy to land a 2-man fissure. Furthermore, a 5-man Echoslam is pretty sweet too.

    Option 1: Tidehunter. Just don’t Ravage like Sheever.

    Option 2: Sven. Storm Hammer has a small AOE effect which gives Sven the ability to stun 2 or more heroes perched in close range.

    Honorable Mention: Sand King, Lion, Lina, Warlock.


    Within a single victory: Reflect 2/ 4/ 6 incoming spells with Lotus Orb.

    Best Option: Timbersaw. Lotus Orb is a core item for Timbersaw, purely based on the fact most enemies invest a lot of skills and item to lock down this hero. A timely activation of Lotus Orb will reflect back any incoming spells.

    Option 1: Bristleback. Similar to Timbersaw, multiple hexes/stuns are required to bring down a raging Bristleback. Lotus Orb will prove beneficial in such cases. It also provides the hero with Armor, HP and Mana Regeneration.


    Across multiple victories: Kill 2/ 4/ 6 enemy Courier(s).

    Best Options: Riki and Bounter Hunter. Both heroes are currently being used as roaming supports, and getting a courier kill in the early stages of the game is relatively easy using either hero. Carry an Orb of Venom for good measure.

    Option 1: Nature’s Prophet. Furion can easily kill couriers using Teleport to intercept the courier’s path. Good vision across the map helps, especially near the secret shop on enemy’s side.


    Within a single victory: Purge 3/ 6/ 9 debuffs on allied heroes.

    Best Option: Omniknight. Repel your allied heroes to remove any debuffs. Simple and easy.

    Option 1: Oracle. Purifying Flames. Use it with caution. Most effective, after casting Fate’s Edict on the target ally.

    Note: Any hero with a diffusal blade will be sufficient for this task as well.


    Across multiple victories: Get 2/ 6/ 10 Kills or Assists on Heroes that are under protection of their tower.

    Best Option: Slark. Once you secure the kill under a tower, it is easy to escape from the area using Shadow Dance. He’s a slippery hero, after all.

    Option 1: Mirana. Arrow + Starfall (max level) combo is good enough to kill any hero, even if they are under tower protection. To escape, you can use Leap, and Moonlight shadow if necessary.

    Option 2: Queen of Pain. This hero can nuke down a foe using Shadow Strike, Scream of Pain and Sonic Wave. Follow it up by Blink to escape the scenario.


    Within a single victory: Use refresher 2/ 4/ 6 times.

    Best Options: Zeus, Tidehunter, Enigma, Warlock. Each of these heroes is most likely to build a refresher orb at some stage of the game. A double ultimate by either of them is a game changer.


    Within a single victory: Deal 7500/ 12500/ 17500 or more Magic or Pure damage to enemy heroes.

    Best Option: Invoker. All his skills are mainly magic based. A good Invoker player shouldn’t have any difficult with completion of this quest.

    Option 1: Leshrac. He’s a lot easier than Invoker, but his skills will serve the same purpose for this quest. Leshrac with an Octarine Core is quite difficult to kill during the mid-late game stages.

    Option 2: Zeus. It’ll be a shame to not include Zeus in this list. Arc Lightning and Lightning Bolt have a low cool down, which enables the user to spam and cause magic damage to the enemies regularly. Veil of Discord and Octarine Core are good items for this quest.

    Honorable Mentions: Timbersaw, Lina, Outworld Devourer, Storm Spirit


    Within a single victory: Cast a Shuriken Toss that bounces on 2 heroes at least 2/ 4/ 6 times, and earn 750/ 1500/ 2250 gold for your team.

    Best Option: Be active in as many team fights as possible. Strategic positioning is the key along with maintaining sufficient mana to cast multiple Track whenever required.

    We hope this article will help you clear the quest with ease. Have any other hero suggestions for a specific quest? Let us know in the comments below!
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