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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Protector – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 tháng 10-2016

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    Battle Pass Guide: Path Of The Protector – Hướng dẫn làm Quest DotA 2 mới nhất tháng 10-2016

    All heroes mentioned in the following guide are best suited for their respective quests. Feel free to use the hero of your choice. Good luck!

    Hướng dẫn làm các Quest mới nhất của DotA 2 mới ra mắt đầu tháng 10 năm 2016. Chủ yếu nói về cách làm và tướng hero nên chọn để xong nhiệm vụ một cách nhanh và dễ dàng nhất. Ai có thắc mắc phần nào thì comment bên dưới để mình nói rõ hơn về Quest đó nhé!

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    Within a single victory: Spend 500/1250/2500 gold on support items.

    Best Option: Lion. The hero stays relevant throughout all stages in the game. It doesn’t hurt Lion’s pocket to buy support items as he can always stay in the mix during team fights, gaining the much needed gold for items in the process.

    Option 1: Dazzle. Inherently, this hero is a hard support which doesn’t require much items to survive in the game. With that in mind, it becomes easier to give importance to buying support items for helping the team.

    Option 2: Witch Doctor. In the same way, this hero also works similar to Dazzle. He doesn’t need many items while transitioning into the mid game. Spending 2500 gold on support items by then shouldn’t be an issue.


    Within a single victory: Heal yourself and your allied heroes for a total of 4000/5500/7000 health.

    Best Option: Oracle. His Fate’s Edict + Purifying flames combination increases the heal regeneration for ally heroes. The complexity of the hero may be a hindrance for new players, but the pay-off will be worth it.

    Option 1: Omniknight. A heal bomb of 360 hp every 10 seconds will prove beneficial for this task. Being a strength hero ensures Omniknight’s survival, so he can  prioritize his allies over himself for healing.

    Option 2: Dazzle/ Witch Doctor. These two heroes are easy to play, and can constantly heal multiple allies at the same time. Dazzle’s shadow wave has a 6 seconds cool-down and heals up to 7 units at level 4. Witch Doctor’s Voodoo Restoration is quite unique, healing himself and his allies over a period of time with no cool-down on his skill. The mana cost required for healing abilities is reasonable for the respective heroes.


    Within a single victory: Deward 2/4/6 or more enemy Observer Wards.

    Best Option: Zeus. Use your Lightning Bolt to help scout common spots for potential observer wards and destroy them. This skill helps in avoiding the need to spend 200 gold for Sentry Wards. After all, gold saved is gold earned.

    Alternate option: Any Support + Slark. If you have an allied Slark in the game, ask your ally to inform you every time his Shadow Dance passive turns off. Dewarding will be the easiest job on the map.


    Within multiple victories: Disable enemy heroes for 100/ 150/ 200 seconds.

    Best Option: Bane. Against a solo enemy that has foolishly wandered off in the map, Bane can utilize his 7 seconds nightmare skill every 13 seconds at level 4. His 5 seconds long disable using Fiend’s Grip is no joke either.

    Option 1: Shadow Shaman. Shackle duration of 5 seconds coupled with a 3.5 seconds long Hex at level 4 are one of the best disabling spells in the game.

    More options: Lion, Outworld Devourer, Naga Siren, Mirana and Ogre Magi.


    Within a single victory: Stack 3/ 6/ 9 creep camps.

    Best Option: Venomancer. Strategically place Plague wards to stack up to 5 camps simultaneously.

    Option 1: Nature’s Prophet. The treants spawned from Nature’s Call can be utilized for effectively stacking 2-5 creep camps during the early-mid game transitional stage, if required.

    Option 2: Enigma. During early stages of the game, use Eidolons and clear off trees in the jungle with Midnight Pulse. It makes the process of stacking 2 camps a lot easier.


    Within a single victory: Save 1/ 2/ 3 friendly Hero(es) from death, by preventing or healing before a lethal attack.

    Best Option: Dazzle. Shallow Grave; 5 seconds duration of this skill gives an allied hero enough time to escape from an unfavorable situation and survive to fight for another fight.

    Option 1: Oracle. At max level, False Promise saves an ally for 9 seconds. During late game team-fights, when used on the ally Hard Carry, Oracle’s Ultimate can turn the tide of battle.

    Option 2: Outworld Devourer. This inclusion might seem odd to many players because OD isn’t a support hero. However, Astral Imprisonment is one of the best skills to save an ally from a death blow.

    More options: Shadow Demon, Omniknight and Chen.


    Within a single victory: Place 4/ 8/ 12 Observer Wards for your team.

    Best Option: Rikimaru. Since Riki can also be played as a position 4 hero, there’s no better hero than him to place wards at strategic locations. Invisibility helps.

    Note: Any roaming support heroes are good for this task. Its better if Lane supports don’t leave their hard carry for placing wards during the initial stages of the game.


    Within a single victory: Interrupt 2/ 4/ 6 enemy Heroes during a channeled spell.

    Best Option: Silencer. Global silence works like a charm, even on spell immune targets.

    Option 1: Skywrath Mage. Ancient Seal is an instant silence with a long range, which helps Skywrath as he can position himself in a safe location.

    Option 2: Earthshaker. This strength support hero has great range on Fissure, that can be utilized to interrupt channeling spells with the exception of Naga’s Song of the Siren.


    Within a single victory: Get 2/ 4/ 6 Kills or Assists on Heroes while they are disabled by YOUR stun.

    Best Option: Lina. Her LSA + Dragon Slave + Laguna Blade combo will prove beneficial during this quest. Don’t forget the stun before you nuke your opponents.

    Option 1: Lion. His Hex + Impale + Finger of Death combo works equally well as Lina’s combination. Much better in some situations, honestly.

    Option 2: Tiny. Avalanche + Toss combination is easy to execute and ensures a kill on nearly any foe during early-mid game stages.

    Additional Options: Chaos Knight, Mirana, Sven, and Ogre Magi (may RNGesus be with you).


    Within a single victory: Successfully scan enemies 1/ 2/ 3 times while they are outside of their fountain.

    Let your sixth sense guide you with this quest. GL HF!


    Within a single victory: Restore 1000/ 1750/ 2500 mana to friendly Heroes.

    Best Option: Keeper of the Light. Chakra Magic. Enough said!

    Option 1: Zeus. Using Arc Lighting and Lightning Bolt to farm easily, arcane boots can be purchased quite early on this hero. All that’s left to do is click on the boots whenever your allies are around.

    Other options: Support heroes with a high mana pool, such as Dazzle, With Doctor, Ogre Magi traditionally purchase Arcane boots.

    Note: You can even use Clarity, Enchanted Mango and  Bottle charges on allies to help your cause.


    Within a single victory: Get an assist or kill within 30 seconds of using Smoke of Deceit, 3/ 6/ 9 times.

    Best option: It’s highly effective to get a kill or an assist as a group. Use heroes with high disabling potential, such as Lion, Crystal Maiden, Earthshaker to slay your foes.

    Note: Prefer using Smoke of Deceit during day time to have better vision of the map, unless you have allies that benefit from Night vision (example – Night Stalker, Slark, Luna).


    Within a single victory: Get 2/ 6/ 10 Kills or Assists on Heroes after forcibly repositioning them with an item or ability.

    Best Option: Pudge, and his Hook of Destiny.

    Option 1: Earth Spirit. Boulder Smash your opponent towards your allies so that they can feast on the unfortunate enemy.

    Option 2: Techies + Magnus or Techies + Tiny. Ask your ally to stock up mines and bombs. Play as Magnus or Tiny to either skewer or toss your enemy onto the minefield. Kabooomm !!!

    Helpful items: Force staff and Hurricane Pike.

    Note: Vengeful Spirit’s Swap doesn’t seem to work for this quest. It might be a bug in the game.


    Within a single victory: Reveal 2/ 4/ 6 invisible enemy Heroes, causing them to die within 30 seconds of being revealed.

    Best Option: Slardar/Bounty Hunter. It becomes easy to hunt down an enemy hero once they are Amplified or Tracked after passing under Sentry vision.

    Option 1: Slark is a fairly good dust carrier in a game involving invisible heroes. Use Dust of Appearance the moment Slark’s passive deactivates.

    Option 2: Spirit Breaker. Carry a dust, and charge at unsuspecting foes. If they turn invisible as you approach closer, pop dust and follow up with a kill using Nether Strike. (17% Bash chance is real!)

    Note: Use Smoke of Deceit with your allies as often as you can. The presence of invisible heroes around you will break the guise, which makes it easier for you to use dust efficiently and follow up with a kill.


    Within a single victory: Get 2/ 4/ 6 kills or assists on Heroes with Fiend’s Grip, and debuff enemy heroes for  a total of 100/ 300/ 500 seconds.

    Best Option: Build an Aether Lens for Bane to increase the range and damage of the spells (Enfeeble and Fiend’s Grip) essential for this quest. Furthermore, Glimmer Cape and Black King Bar can be built to ensure survival while channeling Fiend’s Grip. With the help of a generous Alchemist, using an Aghanim’s Scepter upgraded Grip is pretty handy too.

    We hope this article will help you clear the quest with ease. Have any other hero suggestions for a specific quest? Let us know in the comments below!
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